Dementia affects around 800,000 people in the UK alone. It can be an incredibly scary and confusing illness for the sufferer, which can reduce a person’s independence and cause a sense of isolation. It’s therefore incredibly important that patients receive the highest level of care to help them retain their independence, and ensure that they are comfortable as possible in their surroundings.

Dementia Furniture - Designed to Make Life Easier

Here at Hill and Hill, we have developed several ranges of specialised dementia furniture, specifically suited to the demands of this illness. These pieces are not only designed to make life easier for the residents but also to improve your team’s ability to care for the sufferers. The Hockley Dementia furniture range is our most popular dementia furniture bedroom collection and features open hanging space and scoop fronted drawers to make it easier for the individual to find their clothes and belongings.  These items have rounded corners and are easy open with large visual handles to make them safe and simple to use. This stylish range is available in Oak, French walnut, Beech and Maple and finished with an antimicrobial finishing lacquer. Within this dementia furniture range, there is a range of pieces to suit your residents’ needs including dressing tables, memory boxes, wardrobes, drawers and mirrors. Dementia furniture can be complemented by our range of reminiscence furniture which evokes memories of the past to instantly put your evidence at ease. 

We can also coordinate curtains and soft furnishings to complete the look and create a homely environment for your residents.

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We’re experts at supplying dementia furniture and so can advise you on the best furniture for your nursing home. We also offer a design service to help to give a complete revamp to your nursing home. For more information please get in touch with our dedicated team, who are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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