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Benefits of Dementia Furniture

Posted on - 14th May 2015

Hill and Hill are leading suppliers of dementia furniture for care homes in the UK. We understand the design of a room and the furniture dementia sufferers use can have a massive impact on their lives. Symptoms of confusion and memory loss can be lessened with the use of our specially designed dementia furniture and promote independence for as long as possible. Familiar sights and objects that stimulate memory are key in looking after dementia sufferers and our furniture is designed with that in mind.

Dementia Furniture


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We have a wide range of products designed to help dementia sufferers. Our furniture features high contrast colours which makes it easier to use and less confusing. Contrasting colours help give dementia and alzheimer's sufferers a sense of depth within a room making it easier for them to coordinate their movements. It also helps highlight any potential hazards within an area, and our dementia furniture is made to minimise the risk of accidents. We also have a range of helpful labels too, which again promotes independence as it allows for easier navigation within a persons own space. Dementia furniture not only helps the sufferer, but also the carer by making life easier for both parties.

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Dementia is a difficult time for the sufferer as well as their friends and family. Any little thing that can make this time easier has been welcomed by nursing homes across the UK. Our dementia furniture is a functional, stylish way to help sufferers through the very hardest of times. We have an excellent track record in providing nursing home furniture and we are priced very competitively. If there is anything else you would like to know, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our dementia furniture experts today.

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