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Relax & Watch The World Cup with Our Care Home Chairs!

Posted on - 19th June 2018

The FIFA World Cup has started! Get your care home ready with our beautiful care home chairs and have a fresh interior that's comfortable and practical for residents. Our chairs are specially designed to be used in all areas of a home, so whether you need them for a living area, dining area, a cinema room, or relaxing outside - our care home chairs will let your residents join in with the World Cup whilst remaining comfy in their environment. With so many years experience in the care home interior industry, we have specialised our range and we are known for having some of the best chairs available on the market! We use top suppliers such as Reminiscence and Hockley which are perfect for people with dementia who want more independence.

Care Home Chairs That Offer More Than Just Comfort

For many residents living at a care home, it's the little things like luxury care home chairs that make life more comfortable and enjoyable. Since most residents will be sitting down a lot of the time (especially now the football as started), having the appropriate care home chairs is the most important thing to consider but you can also be creative with the styling too! One thing that makes our care home furniture stand out from the rest is that each product is built with practicality, comfort, style, and affordability in mind, and that's exactly what you get from our care home chairs! We are experts at interior design, therefore we can give you a design that's tailored to your business and we guarantee it will be full of elegance and character...

Contact Us About Care Home Chairs & Get the Process Started

To make sure you have the most stylish care home this summer, all you must do is contact us and we can arrange a meeting about what you and you're residents are looking for. Chair home chairs are a great place to start, however we can give you a full package if you like including flame retardant furnishings, bedroom furniture, dining furniture, and much more! Whatever you need, we have it at Hill&Hill Design!

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