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Care Home Furniture Really Does Make A Difference To Residents

Posted on - 1st October 2019

Making the decision to move into a care home is never taken lightly. Often, it comes with quite a bit of heartache and more than a few misconceptions about care home environments. For residents, it may feel like their independence has been taken away from them. And, of course, moving away from the house you have made a home isn’t always easy. 

That’s why getting care home furniture right isn’t just important - it’s vital. Creating a  welcoming, safe, home-from-home environment with care home furniture shows potential and existing residents (along with their families) how much you value them, their comfort and, perhaps most importantly, their independence. 

Care Home Furniture & Independence 

It may be necessary for a person to move into a care home for a number of reasons. And one of the most common of those is to ensure their safety. But often ‘safer’ environments can mean a reduction in independence. 

Loss of independence, or perceived loss of independence, can result in anxiety and depression. Each and every one of us wants to be able to do things ourselves, on our own terms. But for elderly people in particular who move from their own homes into a care home, it can feel like this is being taken away from them. 

With care home furniture, you have the ability to empower your residents while keeping them safe. That could mean furnishing bedrooms with wardrobes, chests of drawers, and beds that are user friendly and designed to safeguard against falls or bumps. Or creating lounge and communical environments that promote and encourage independence where possible. 

Care Home Furniture & Independence

Here at Hill & Hill design, we work hard to ensure all our furniture is durable and safe. This means rounded corners to minimise injury should a resident fall, strong designs that endure everyday use, and clever twists on classic pieces that make use a breeze for those with reduced mobility, eyesight problems, dexterity issues and cognitive impairment. 

Care Home Furniture & Colour 

Of course, durability and ease of use is paramount to residents. Giving the gift of independence, even in the four walls of a care home, can make all the difference. But what about all those rules we apply to the interior design of our own home? 

Colour has a huge impact on a person’s mood and frame of mind. For example, neutral tones such as gray interspersed with bright colours can create a calming, relaxing environment - particularly in the lounge. But as tempting as it is to go for straightforward, plain hues, there is a huge palette of colours to choose from when it comes to your walls, decorations and care home furniture. 

Care Home Furniture & Colour

Pastel colours are great for this, because while they add a splash of colour to an environment they aren’t overwhelming and add to a luxurious and relaxing finish. Colourful care home furniture specifically can help create contrast, which will help residents with diminishing eyesight and dementia distinguish floor and furniture from one another - an important thing to take into account when furnishing your care home. 

Care Home Furniture & Design 

The interior decor of your care home has the potential to make the transition from a person’s own home to a nursing home much easier. That’s where design comes into play. Choosing pieces that are welcoming, comfortable and luxurious help your residents to feel more at home much quicker. 

Care Home Furniture & Design

For dementia care homes, ensuring that your furniture and its placement is practical and easy to use is paramount. For nursing homes, that means creating an environment that is as close to home as possible. Of course, everyone has different tastes, but most people will enjoy and appreciate a modern, clean and comfortable space much more than a dark, drab one! 

About Hill & Hill Design 

At Hill & Hill Design, we are on a mission to help care homes be the very best they can be. That means creating environments that are welcoming, comfortable and safe. On our website, you will find a range of gorgeous, practical furniture pieces for the bedroom, lounge and dining areas that will help your residents feel at home in no time! 

To find out more about our services, contact us. We offer a free design consultation and planning service, which includes a range of mood boards to help you help your residents relax in comfort, whilst promoting independence, self esteem and confidence. 


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