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What to Consider When Choosing Furniture for Care Homes

Posted on - 13th January 2017

When selecting furniture for care homes, we at Hill & Hill know that there are more things to consider compared to when choosing new furniture for the home. Due to the nature of the care home setting, harsher demands are placed on furniture for care homes, but how do you know that an item of furniture is up to the task? If you're searching for care home furniture and are unsure what qualities to look out for, we can help!  

What to Look for in Furniture for Care Homes

Furniture for care homes needs to be unparalleled in terms of durability, as it needs to withstand years of heavy use. This is vital, as weak and unreliable furniture poses a risk not only to your residents, but also your care teams and visitors! Cleaning is an important part of daily life in care homes. Selecting furniture for care homes which is quick and easy to clean not only makes your care home sparkle, but can save lives by helping you with infection control matters. Choosing wipe-clean surfaces which can be disinfected easily saves your care teams' time. You must also take style into account when choosing furniture for care homes. First and foremost, a care home is a home to the residents who live there. The furniture you select can really have an effect on their quality of life, transforming your care home into a comfortable and stylish place to live; great for morale! For residents with dementia and similar conditions, consider choosing furniture for care homes which has specially designed features. An example would be the rounded edges and scooped drawer fronts of our Hockley range, part of our specialist dementia furniture range. This can help your residents keep their independence for longer!  

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If you'd like any help and advice on selecting the ideal furniture for care homes, please don't hesitate to get in touch! You can also take a look at our furniture guides for further information on our ranges or try our FAQs!

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