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Choosing The Right Chairs

Posted on - 20th June 2021

It is quite often considered a difficult choice when selecting new furniture for a care home setting. Do you opt for the most comfortable seat for a particular individual? Or do you find an all-around comfortable seat so that many different people can enjoy it? Is choosing the shape the hardest part, or is it the fabric?

Find The Right Fabric

Here at Hill & Hill, we have a vast array of fabrics to suit a range of different styles, care homes, individuals, personalities and needs. This can make choosing the right fabric both easy and difficult!
Having such an array of fabrics means that you have a wider choice to ensure that you can pick the perfect one. However, it can mean that you have too many choices and have a hard time finding the right one.
With dementia chairs, we recommend going for brighter and bolder colours and designs as this helps to stimulate brain activity. In other circumstances, you can opt for fabrics and patterns that make your residents feel like they are at home.
Each of our fabrics can be used for both chairs and curtains, meaning you can go all out matching or choose another fabric that perfectly compliments the other.
Our range of Panaz SheildPlus fabrics offers an increased level of protection to combat bacteria that can be harboured in many other fabrics. For more information on the technology behind this fabric, please visit our article "Panaz Against Coronavirs".

Choosing The Right Shape Chair

When it comes to choosing the right shape, it all comes down to how your chairs are used. For example, if your chair is for a particular individual, we would recommend looking for a chair that suits that individuals needs. However, if your chairs are shared by residents and they can sit wherever they like, we recommend have a selection of different styles available for people to use the ones they feel most comfortable in. While having one style may look appealing, it may not be practical.

Please take a look at our Care Home Furnishing Guide for information on how to order your furniture for your care home.

For more information or to request fabric samples, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to arrange this for you. Check back to our latest news for more information and ideas for your care home.

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