Flame Retardant Curtains For Care Homes

When it comes to furnishing your care home, the safety of both residents and staff is a number one priority, which means flame retardant curtains are a must have. In October 2006, it became a legal requirement for all non-domestic premises in the UK to adhere to the new fire safety regulations introduced by the government, which stipulate that fire retardant materials should be used for all furnishings, including drapes and blinds. It is important to be aware that domestic fabrics don’t always meet the standards required by law, and while they may have been treated with a fire retardancy solution this often wears off after only a few washes. That is why all of our flame retardant curtains meet or exceed British standards, to help you remain compliant with the law and afford you ultimate peace of mind when it comes to your care home.

Why choose our Flame Retardant Curtains?

Historically, the purpose of flame retardant curtains has been purely functional. And with safety firmly in mind, design has been known to take a back seat! Happily, this isn’t the case anymore, and we are proud to supply a wide range of flame retardant curtains that will both comply with safety regulations and compliment the interior design of your care home. Your residents deserve to live in an environment that is safe and pleasant, and we strive to deliver that with our high quality furnishings.

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We are always updating and expanding our collection of flame retardant curtains. If you would like to know more about the products we supply, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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