Dementia Furniture – Designed for Independance

Dementia Furniture – Designed for Independance

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The design of the care home environment can greatly increase the level of care that your establishment can provide. Our range of dementia furniture is designed to help to retain independence whilst in the care home. It is sometimes useful to label drawers or storage to remind the sufferer where items are – but our furniture goes one step further than this. Our dementia furniture integrates spaces in the drawer and cupboard design so that the contents can easily be viewed, helping to reduce confusion when finding the items they require. They are also finished with soft rounded corners on all tops and large handles, to make them easy to open and to help to prevent any injuries. Our Hockley range is our most popular dementia furniture and comes in a choice of oak, French walnut, beech and maple. There are also a range of other measures you can take to provide a stress free environment for your dementia sufferers.

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Making Life For Dementia Sufferers Easier

    • Lighting – darkness has seen to be disorientating so it’s suggested that a night light, or increasing natural light where possible can be helpful.
    • Reducing excess noise
    • Safe flooring to reduce trip obstacles
    •  Using contrasting colours which help to add a sense of perspective. By having dementia furniture in different colours can make it easier for pieces to be seen and used.

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These are just a few of the suggestions to help dementia sufferers whilst in a care home situation. We have a wide breadth of experience in care home interior design and so get in touch to benefit from our free design service. We also have a range of reminiscence furniture, specifically developed to put dementia sufferers at ease, by reminding them of their childhood or early life. If you would like any information about our dementia furniture, please browse our range or get in touch.