Dementia Furniture

With over 80 percent of residents in care homes suffering from some form of dementia and severe memory impairment, furnishing your home with specially designed dementia furniture has never been more important.

With the elderly remaining in their own homes for longer they tend to be admitted to a care facility at a much later stage of the disease. Facilities in care homes today are varied in quality ranging from award winning dementia units right down the scale to institutionalised care homes barely able to cope. Here at Hill & Hill we supply a wide range of dementia furniture specifically designed to make life for patients and staff as easy as possible. Not only does our dementia furniture function incredibly well, it also is designed to still retain a stylish and aesthetically pleasing look for your care home.


Experts in Dementia Furniture:

We pride ourselves on being experts in supplying dementia furniture and through our research our team at Hill & Hill Design have sourced a number of British manufacturers who have designed dementia furniture for care homes and nursing homes around the country.

The furniture designers have spent time with carers and members of the alzheimers society to create furniture that helps carers to look after their patients and more importantly help people who have the illness lead an independent life for as long as possible.

Designing and furnishing the interiors of a dementia care homes can seem quite daunting but if you stick to some simple guidelines and make some subtle changes you will undoubtedly enrich the lives of your residents and improve the working conditions for your staff. Why not take advantage of our free design service which can help you find the perfect dementia furniture for your nursing home, get in touch to find out more.


Want to learn more about our range of dementia furniture?

If you would like to learn more about our dementia furniture, then click here to browse through our range. Or get in touch with our dedicated team who are on hand to give you guidance on the best options for your dementia furniture.


 Dementia Furniture