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Flame Retardant Curtains Made Personal to Suit Your Organisation

Posted on - 13th August 2018

With the dark nights creeping in and summer coming to an end, making sure your care home has the best quality flame retardant curtains is highly important. In order to make sure that your residents are free from dangerous hazards, having flame retardant fabrics for all your soft furnishings is a great option to add privacy, safety, and style in your care home - not only will they provide you with these fantastic benefits, they can also be made bespoke here at Hill&Hill Design!

How We Make Your Flame Retardant Curtains So Safe

You may be wondering what makes our flame retardant curtains so fire resistant? Well at our fantastic design studio in Derbyshire, we get inspiration from using premium fabrics that have flame repelling properties, making them as stylish, functional, and affordable as possible. If you care home has a particular design that you want to follow, by having a professional chat with us we'll make your curtains in patterns and colours of your choice, allowing you to create the most comfortable and cosy environment for your residents. We can even provide you with matching pillows, duvets, wall papers, and much more to really make your care home unique! Another reason why having our flame retardant curtains is extremely beneficial, is that they are durable, easy to clean, and will stimulate the environment due to the intricate designs - this is particularly useful if your residents have dementia! Find out more about our flame retardant furnishings here

Discuss Your Requirements with Us & We Will Give You the Best Flame Retardant Curtains

In order for us to make sure you get appropriate flame retardant curtains that are suited to your requirements, contact us today and we can arrange a chat at your property to evaluate what you want. To really make your care home stand out, we also have a fantastic selection of care home furniture for you to consider such as chairs, dining, living, and bedroom furniture, and even specially designed dementia furniture!

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