When running a care home it’s essential that you consider flame retardant furnishings. These help to reduce the risk of fire occurring and spreading, making them the safest option for your business – as well as ensuring that you satisfy fire safety inspections. Furnishings often have the reputation of being bland and unappealing, but here at Hill and Hill Design, we’ve developed a range of furnishings which are the perfect combination of functionality and style.

Fire retardant furnishings are designed specifically to not propagate the spread of flames, as a result, the furnishings will assist in containing the spread of flames. Whether you're designing a care home or hotel flame retardant fabrics are a must-have.

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Our Wide Range of Flame Retardant Furnishings

We’ve been developing furniture for care homes for many years and now; we provide a comprehensive range of pieces for you to choose from including furniture for your bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. One of our most popular ranges is our soft furnishings. Here we’ve gathered together a wide selection of flame retardant fabrics. These can be made into curtains, bedding, upholstery and accessories; this gives you matching flame retardant furnishings throughout your care home. You can browse our furniture and fabrics online!

Flame retardant furnishings

Our flame retardant furnishings have been extensively researched to ensure that they are best suited for use in care home environments. Furthermore, to make sure we stay at the forefront of care home best practice, we regularly attend the NEC Care Show.  This allows us to offer the very best when it comes to furnishings and other care home essentials.

Our seating fabrics also have the option of having an antibacterial coating and wipe clean surface. This makes them as easy to clean and care for as possible. Infection control is also made simpler; Most of our fabrics have antibacterial qualities that can be washed at 70 degrees, perfect for infection control.

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Our flame retardant furnishings are in accordance with the Fire Safety Regulations, and all our furnishings are designed to ensure the upholstery meet these standards and are labelled correctly.

If you like to find out more about our flame retardant furnishings then please browse our ranges online. We offer a free design advise service if you’re struggling to decide which of our pieces would be best suited to your requirements, simply give us a call for more information.

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