Reminiscence Furniture by Hill and Hill


The Logic Behind Reminiscence Furniture


Increased awareness and understanding of dementia and the potential complications associated with the condition mean that research has been focused on promoting independence in care home residents. Here at Hill & Hill, we know that specially designed furniture can really help your residents to maintain their independence for as long as possible. That’s why we have devised our specialist range of Reminiscence furniture.




reminiscence furniture



Promoting a safe and comfortable environment for your residents, our Reminiscence furniture is stylish, durable, and has specially designed features for ease of use. Whether you’re looking to refurbish a single room, or overhaul your entire care home, our Reminiscence range of furniture offers simple and effective solutions.


The Benefits of Reminiscence Furniture


Our Reminiscence furniture not only has fantastic benefits for your residents, it also offers multiple benefits to your care teams at all levels. From family members and carers in the home, to healthcare professionals in the care home setting, Reminiscence furniture will help support them in their caring duties. Our Reminiscence furniture features retro 1950s styling, offering an authentic look which is popular in all settings, from care homes to boutique hotels.

As well as looking great, this style has been popular in care homes as residents due to its familiarity. Your residents will feel right at home with our Reminiscence furniture, and may well have grown up with furniture in this style. The Reminiscence furniture range has practical features such as soft closing and easy glide drawers which are easy to operate, and wipe clean surfaces which assist with infection control in the care home setting. We aim to create settings that are a pleasure to spend time in, and our Reminiscence furniture can help do this in your care home.

Contact Us to Learn More on Our Reminiscence Furniture


Our Reminiscence range of care home furniture is hand finished with a low maintenance resin wax. This enhances the natural grain of the wood, and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your care home. If you’d like to take a look at our Reminiscence furniture range, click here and browse through the collection.

If you have any questions on our Reminiscence furniture or any of our other ranges, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also view examples of our Reminiscence furniture and more in our gallery for ideas and inspiration.