The Rise in Reminiscence Furniture

Over the last few years there’s been a marked rise in the use of reminiscence furniture in care strategies and care homes, with healthcare professionals recording the positive benefits of using reminiscence aids in care. Reminiscence furniture is usually designed to imitate 1950’s style in an attempt to trigger and stimulate memories from the past. This is thought to give sufferers of Dementia and Alzheimer’s a feeling of grounding and comfort to try and put them at ease.

Reminiscence Furniture Research

There’s been a range of studies into the effects of reminiscence furniture, with reports of decreasing levels of anti-psychotic drugs needed when reminiscence therapy is used. It seems the ability to remember past events through this technique can dramatically increase a resident’s confidence and self esteem.  In reaction to this many care homes are now creating dedicated reminiscence rooms for residents, or integrating reminiscence pieces into the dementia patient’s personal spaces.

Reminiscence furniture from Hill & Hill Design

The Reminiscence Furniture Ranges:

Here at Hill & Hill we have a wide range of reminiscence furniture and accessories for you to choose from, which you can browse online. Our most recent range of reminiscent furniture incorporate bold retro colours and sleek designs to give you beautiful pieces that would be a great addition to any room. Specialist pieces include a bar area and barbour chair, and individual pieces can be made to meet your vision or specifications. Our reminiscence accessories include memory boxes to give your rooms personal elements and pictures and screens which hark back to a bygone era. These create a talking point for dementia sufferers and help them to participate in group discussions. If you would like to find out more about how reminiscence furniture can improve you care home then please get in touch with our expert team. We can give you a free style consultation for your care home and help you find the perfect pieces for your requirements.