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Give Your Care Home A Makeover With Flame Retardant Furnishings

Posted on - 20th September 2016

Flame retardant furnishings are vital in care homes. Not only do they help to reduce the risk of fires but they also guarantee that you satisfy fire safety inspections. The one problem with flame retardant furnishings is that for many years, they have been regarded as being bland and boring, giving many care homes a clinical feel. At Hill & Hill Design however, we have designed flame retardant furnishings which achieve a perfect balance between being practical and being stylish. We are strong believers that care homes should look and feel as homey and as natural as possible, so for this reason, we decided to take it upon ourselves to design flame retardant furnishings which achieve just this!

Our Flame Retardant Furnishings

We have been designing flame retardant furnishings for care homes for many years now and in this time, we have gathered together a wide selection of stylish flame retardant fabrics which can be made into curtains, bedding, upholstery and accessories. Whether you're looking to create a modern, minimalist look or you'd prefer to create more traditional look for your residents, we guarantee to have a design to suit your needs perfectly!

In addition to being stylish and reducing the risk of fires, our flame retardant furnishings are also available with an anti bacterial coating and wipe clean surface to make care as easy as possible. Infection control is also improved as our fabrics are designed with an anti bacterial textile that can be washed at 70 degrees.

With Hill & Hill, the clinical, bland aesthetic of care homes is a thing of the past. Give your care home a makeover today by choosing flame retardant furnishings from Hill & Hill!

Contact Hill & Hill for Flame Retardant Furnishings

To view our full flame retardant furnishings, click here. We offer a free design advise service so if you're struggling to decide on which of our pieces would suit your requirements best, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help!

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