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Create a Great First Impression with Nursing Home Furniture from Hill & Hill

Posted on - 14th October 2016

As we all know first impressions are everything, especially in a care facility such as a nursing home. The best way to make a good first impression is to make your care home look and feel both professional and homely to make your visitors feel that your nursing home is the place for them. The easiest way to achieve this is through choosing practical yet stylish and comfortable nursing home furniture. At Hill & Hill we offer just this! We offer high quality nursing home furniture and we tailor our furniture to meet your needs! Our nursing home furniture is a product of extensive research and meticulous design, and helps to create a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing home for your residents.

Nursing Home Furniture Made Easy

As healthcare furniture providers, we understand more than anyone that it is vital for your residents to keep as much of their independence for as long as possible, this is especially true in cases of dementia. For this reason, we ensure that all of our nursing home furniture is specifically designed to help residents retain their freedom and independence for as long as possible. With most care homes having the majority of their residents as dementia patients we provide a range specifically suited to this need, we have made subtle, yet essential changes to our furniture to make it as safe and as accessible as possible to the patients.  

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Our will set you aside from your competitors as it offers originality and style for any room all whilst being practical and innovative. We also offer an 80's reminiscence range which will give your residence a blast from the past! So, if you're interested in our nursing home furniture, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

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