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The Quintessential Care Home Furniture

Posted on - 19th July 2022

Care home furniture is our metaphorical bread and butter here at Hill and Hill. We know and understand that furniture for care homes can not just be any old furniture, it needs to meet a certain set of criteria. Afterall, residents of care homes might have varying and unique needs not accommodated by regular home furniture. 

Once more, care home furniture will need to be used by multiple different people as oppressed a family of four, for example. There could be any number of residents in a home meaning the furniture must be versatile and accommodating at all times. 

Having catered to the care industry for many years now, we understand the difference between high quality furnishings and worn out subpar furniture. In fact, we know the main bits of furniture every care home should have. So, let’s detail the quintessential bits of furniture you will need to keep your residents happy and fulfilled. 

Care Home Chairs 

Every home needs a place to sit, and care homes are no different. However, the chair should be more than just a place to sit. 

Care home chairs should never compromise when it comes to comfort. Usually older legs require comforter seating arrangements. They should be comfy enough that when the resident sits down, the biggest worry they should have is the struggle of getting back up. If some of the residents' legs have seen a lot of miles, don’t you agree that they deserve maximum levels of comfort. 

The chairs might have to be moved too. So ease of mobility should be a consideration but not a complete  necessity. The furniture might be moved from in front of the television to a home office desk, so the chair has to multiple purpose as well as being relatively easy to move. 

Note we highlighted the necessity for the chair to be relatively easy to maneuver but not easy to move. This is because residents in nursing homes may exhibit challenging behaviour. While this is through no fault of their own, the furniture might have to withstand certain challenging circumstances. 

If the resident gets aggressive because of their consideration, they might feel the need to take their frustration out on anything that is close by. As such, the chair should be able to withstand some potential abuse. Because of this, the chair should be weighted and boarded. The chair being weighted and boarded means the chair will not be easily moved and/or damaged in the face of adversity. 

In addition, there is more than just one type of care home chair. Whether the resident requires a previously mentioned challenging behaviour chair or a traditional armchair, there are a plethora of options available. 

Adaptable Cupboards and Drawers 

Every care home resident requires spacious and accommodating cupboards and drawers. It’s where the residents will be storing all of their belongings. When it comes to cupboards and drawers, they will need to be big enough to accommodate all of a resident's belongings. Over the years, residents might have acquired quite a few belongings and it would be beyond inconvenient if their storage space could not fit them all in. 

Cupboards and drawers should also be considered on a practicality level. Similar to the previously mentioned chairs, the resident might have certain needs that must be met. For example, if they have trouble remembering; this means the cupboards and drawers might have to cater to this. 

One such way some care home furniture does this is by having a gap between the drawers. Through this, the resident can see what is in the drawers eliminating the need to remember where everything is organised. 

Comfy Bed

No home would be complete without a bed. This rings especially true for care homes. Care home residents might spend a significant amount of time in their bed. 

Some more so than they would have liked. This might be due to a condition affecting their mobility. Moreover, the bed should provide incredible comfort in order to help alleviate any pains and enable a high quality night of rest and recuperation. 

Additionally, they should allow for ease of access for a nurse. Some residents might require care at their bed. This makes the ease of access by a qualified nurse all but paramount.

We Provide High Quality Furniture for Care Homes

At Hill and Hill, we offer a wide range of top quality care home furniture. We offer more than just fantastic beds, cupboards, drawers and chairs; we offer an array of soft furnishings and incredible package deals too. So, please contact us for high quality care home furniture. 

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