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International Nurses Day 2022

Posted on - 12th May 2022

While here in the UK we rely heavily on the NHS, it's rare that we show support for the nurses who dedicate their lives to taking care of others. So, on International Nurses Day, 12th May 2022, we look to celebrate those nurses who spend their lives in our nursing homes, supporting our loved ones.

Our Nurses

There is a wide variety of positions that nurses can take on, from children's nursing to doctors' surgeries, and even countless hospital-based roles. Every single one of them takes a specific individual, and each one has to be selfless, devoted and caring.
Inside our nursing homes, we surround our residents with the right caretakers for them. Someone who will understand the individual care that each resident requires, who will spend the time getting to know them, and showing them the love and the care that they deserve. It's a position that wrenches on your heartstrings on a day to day basis.
Dear nurses, we see you. We appreciate you.

Nursing Home Furniture

Our nurses require all the help they can get when it comes to caring for their patients. And some days, the right furniture can make all the difference. It can be the difference between someone requiring aid to stand, or the position a resident is in for a routine check. So when it comes to new nursing home furniture, make sure to find the best furniture to help your nurses.
We have a wide variety of chairs, each with different features. These different chairs allow our nurses to complete health care checks in different ways. Are you unsure how each one can help your nurses? Speak to them. Ask your nurses what they need to help make the job easier.

Caring For Nurses

With your nurses spending a lot of time on their feet, remember that they too need someone comfortable to sit down and have a rest.
We often see that nursing homes have break rooms with less than adequate break room chairs. From old plastic chairs to old chairs out the lounge with squashed padding and ripped covers. So why not treat the team to some new care home chairs. Our tub chairs are perfect for the break room. Comfortable yet practical they will help your team take a load off their feet on a well-needed break.

If you would like to discuss nursing home furniture, and the positive impact it can have on how your nurses work, please contact the team today and we can discuss getting an order together for you.

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