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Make Each Day Easier with Dementia Furniture

Posted on - 30th July 2016

At Hill and Hill, we understand how difficult living with dementia can be for both the sufferer and their loved ones which is why we supply dementia furniture which is designed to make living with dementia more manageable. We ensure that our dementia furniture is comfortable, homey and that it makes being independent more possible. We pride ourselves on the fact that over the last 10 years, we have helped many care homes transform their interior with new furnishings which have drastically improved the quality of their residents' lives.

Why Choose dementia furniture from Hill & Hill?

We understand the needs of your residents and have designed unique dementia furniture which helps to make life easier. Dementia sufferers can experience confusion and disorientation on a regular basis, therefore the interior design of a room can impact their lives enormously. For this reason, our dementia furniture is designed to incorporate familiar sights, styles and objects. One of our most popular ranges is the Reminiscence dementia furniture which replicates decor from the 1950's to create a calming and familiar environment for dementia sufferers and their loved ones.  In addition to replicating familiar decor, our dementia furniture also features easy to access, open storage space so that sufferers can see, touch and access clothing and belongings easily without stress. Our Hockley Bedroom Dementia Furniture is a perfect example of the easy to access dementia furniture that we supply to care home across the UK.


Dementia can be a very disorientating and scary illness, for this reason, we have made it our goal to create furnishings that make your care home feel as homey as possible. All of our dementia furniture is tailored to your residents needs to make living each day easier and more enjoyable. Every piece also complies with the latest safety regulations. To find out more about a dementia furniture range, please feel free to contact us today.

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