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Mary overcomes her fear of heights.

Posted on - 28th July 2010

Mary overcame her lifetime fear of heights as she scaled the four storey scaffolding. The scaffolding marks what will become a brand new Care facility in Swansea for Jupiter Care. 

The spectacular site sits at the top of the hillside with views out over the Swansea coastline. This project is to refurbish the existing building and take the theme through to the sizeable new extension, creating seamless transitions between the two areas. The coastline and surrounding views will be a big influence to the design, so Mary decided to take a look for herself despite her fear of heights.

"It had to be done, I knew the views would be such an inspiration and they were. I think a few of the builders found it quite amusing to see me going up the ladder as slowly as a snail, but I made it in the end. The main problem was coming back down!

"It was all worth it as the experience has already led to the development of the sea sky lounge," Mary Hill said.

The sea sky lounge is positioned on the top floor of the care home with floor to ceiling windows looking out across the coastline. The room will be designed to connect the residents with the coastline even if they can't actually be there. The room will take on themes of colours and textures to emulate the beach front. It will be a peaceful relaxation room where the residents can take a moment to read a book or watch the surrounding wildlife. COMING SOON!

Please keep a look out for 'Hillside Care Homes' in our case studies to see the sea sky lounge and the rest of the project.         

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