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New Retro record player

Posted on - 14th February 2016

Hill & Hill Design are proud to launch a collection of retro styled record players and radios. The collection includes record players fitted with USB sockets and CD players all with the vintage look but modern technology. This classic Bermuda Retro Record Player was originally designed and produced when the majority of your residents were in their dancing years. There was a time when the record player was the centrepiece of any room.That sixties vibe was part of a vibrant youth culture where your vinyl played the sound track to any party. Residents born in the 40s will be whisked back in time to their rebellious teens and carefree days of the sixties whilst listening to tracks played on the Bermuda retro record player. The GPO Bermuda retro record player has optional legs turning your record player into a free standing unit and there is a carrying handle to make it portable. This retro record player allows you to record vinyl records onto a USB stick at a click of a button. A great addition to any dementia care home but also would look fabulous in a trendy retro designed living room. I think its time to dust off your LPs and get your dancing shoes on.    

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