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Our Top Nursing Home Picks

Posted on - 30th June 2021

We often find that nursing homes invest in furniture that has been built to last. Furniture that they can be confident that will not need replacing every couple of years, that can meet the needs of the residents, and above all, that is practical.
Here at Hill & Hill, we can help you to find the right furniture for you and your nursing home.

For The Lounge

Residents in nursing homes tend to spend much of their time in two key places, their bedrooms, and the communal lounge. This means that ensuring your nursing home chairs are as comfortable and supportive as possible, helping your residents to relax and feel at ease.
Our favourite lounge chair is the Barlborough Wing Chair. This chair offers a classic design, with high levels of comfort and support for its user. Make it perfect for your lounge by choosing from our vast range of fabrics.
We know that in nursing homes, it is key to ensure that the fabric used on your chairs is easy to clean and disinfect where needed. For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at our Panaz SheildPlus collection, as this helps to fight bacteria and offers anti-microbial properties. Take a look at our article "Panaz Against Coronavirus" for more information on this groundbreaking fabric.

For The Bedrooms

Bedroom furniture in many nursing homes is usually a touch of mix and match. With some from one set, and bits that have been replaced over the years. When it comes time to replace certain items, why not invest in a complete matching collection to tie the whole room together. Here at Hill & Hill, the collections we have are designed to be easy-clean, sturdy and hard-wearing, helping to ensure both the physical and clinical safety of the resident.
Our favourite collection is the Cavendish Collection. This range includes both double and triple door wardrobes with matching drawers, ensuring that no matter the size of the room, your residents can still enjoy this attractive set.

For more information on the collections available from Hill & Hill, or for fabric samples, please get in touch with our friendly team today who will be happy to assist you. Check back to our latest news for regular information and updates.

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