Bedroom Furniture

care Home bedroom furniture.


Bedroom furniture for care homes is possibly the most important area to consider in terms of design.

All our bedroom furniture has been selected by ourselves. Every item must be durable and fit for purpose yet still have a homely appearance.

Your care home bedrooms need to provide a safe and welcoming sanctuary for your resident yet it needs to be practical for your staff to work with.

Bedside cupboards will have a lock fitted as standard, corners are softened to prevent injury and every piece of our bedroom furniture is made to last a long time in a very challenging environment.

Our contract bedroom furniture is made to order in the UK. We have several different styles to choose from and each style can be made in different sizes and colours.

Solid oak bedroom furniture seems to be the most popular choice for our clients.The extra investment when purchasing any of our solid wood furniture is rewarded by many years of use as well as its timeless appearance.

Your choice of bedroom furniture will ultimately depend on your preferences of style and more importantly your budget.