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Reminiscence Furniture - Looking back is the way forward

Posted on - 11th March 2015

In the light of the launch of our new range of reminiscence furniture we thought we'd take a look at the benefits that can reminiscence and dementia furniture can have on the care and treatment of residents in care homes and healthcare establishments.

reminiscence furniture

Reminiscence Furniture in Action

The concept of reminiscence furniture is to place patients in an environment which is familiar in decor to their past - usually a 1950's style. The aim of this technique is to stimulate memories and give the residents a familiar grounding to make them feel at ease. These recognizable elements of their past, are thought to reduce confusion and promote a sense of calm. It is also suggested that this stimuli can prompt memories which encourage communication in sufferers increasing confidence and independence. Appropriate furniture and accessories can be used as part of a larger reminiscence treatment plan, using memory boxes and triggers such as photos to create talking points and increase interaction between dementia sufferers and care givers. There have been many studies into the use of reminiscence environments and although more research is needed to provide definitive figures of improvement, there have been many positive results with professionals now viewing it as a practical and effective approach towards dignity preserving dementia care.  

Reminiscence and Dementia Furniture Experts

Our range of reminiscence furniture is wide and includes a variety of classic furniture and reminiscence pieces, including pictures, memory boxes and screens. All of our reminiscence furniture is finished with a low maintenance resin wax, which can be wiped clean after spills. In addition to our reminiscence furniture we also design pieces specifically suited to dementia sufferers, with easy view sections and opening features. Take a look at our range today. To find out more about our care furniture then please get in touch with our dedicated team who are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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