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World Alzheimer's Month - Everything you need to know about our Dementia Furniture

Posted on - 15th September 2015

September is World Alzheimer's Month and 2015 will mark the fourth global world Alzheimer's month - an international campaign to raise awareness of the illness. Alzheimer's is a brain disorder and is the most common form of dementia. It's thought that over 80% of residents in care homes are suffering from some form of dementia or severe memory impairment and it's essential that your care home is tailored to the needs of these residents.

Our Range of Dementia Furniture

The designers of our dementia furniture have spent time with carers and members of the Alzheimer's society to develop furniture which can help sufferers lead independent lives for longer, as well as help carers look after their patients to the highest standard. Our dementia care range includes our Hockley Dementia bedroom furniture as well as a range of reminiscence pieces.

Hockley dementia furniture is designed with practicality in mind and combines comfort, safety and functionality. It features open hanging space and scooped drawer front to help residents identify the contents of their storage and open them easily. The bedroom package includes everything you may need to decorate a bedroom including bedside cupboards, chest of drawers, wardrobe, chair, quilted bed runner, scatter cushion and curtains. Our reminiscence dementia furniture has a firm focus on eliciting memories of the past, and works on the idea that this will make residents feel comfortable. Dementia furniture is a recognised technique in a dementia care and designed in a 50s style to give your care home a fashionable yet authentic feel. Choose from a range of stunning chairs and furniture, in incredible materials.

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