The Importance of Dementia Furniture

Over 80% of care home residents suffer from dementia, so the design of dementia furniture is now more important than ever. Our skilled designers are excellent at providing the balance between style and practicality; the dementia furniture we supply is beautifully designed with close attention to detail, whilst also ensuring that it can withstand the inevitable wear and tear that will always occur in care homes. Spillages and general knocks are unavoidable from both residents and staff, so our furniture for dementia homes is ideal with its durability and strength, stable quality. We aim to create dementia furniture that will allow the residents to be independent where possible, whilst also ensuring that they feel at home with a welcoming, homely feel to the designs for optimal comfort.

Why Choose Our Dementia Furniture?

The research and effort we put into our specially designed dementia furniture mean that it will do the job better than any other; from the very beginning of the creating process, we have dementia sufferers in mind and we tailor our products to their needs, taking into account what day-to-day life in a care home entails. Our aim is always to cater to people suffering from dementia, we want a care home to feel like a home by making the dementia furniture we sell as practical to use as possible, but not losing any style in the process; from 1950s style drawers to retro armchairs, we provide comfort and style to any environment.

Find out More About Our Range of Dementia Furniture:

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With endless fabric options and plenty of style options, we feel confident we will be able to offer you a variety of choices when it comes to furnishing your care home.

Collections vary from the budget Thorpe wing-backed armchairs and occasional furniture right up to the luxuriously upholstered and solid oak Cavendish Lounge furniture.

Our care home furniture is incredibly functional and durable, whilst also creating a stylish and comfortable look in your care home.

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