Furniture Guides

Here at Hill and Hill Design we’re established suppliers of nursing home, care home and dementia furniture. If you would like to find out more about the range of services we provide then take a look at the links below.


Looking for Care Home furniture? Here at Hill and Hill we supply a wide range of furniture that is specifically designed to be used in a Care Home setting. They integrate fire retardant and durable materials, with stylish designs to give you care home furniture that looks and performs to the highest level.


Our range of dementia furniture incorporates specific features such as scoop front drawers and open wardrobes, so that dementia sufferers can easily view and access their belongings. The Hockley Dementia range has many furniture types including drawers, sideboards and beds.


It’s incredibly important that you pick the correct furniture for care homes, as it can not only affect the appearance of your nursing home, but also the comfort of your residents. Here at Hill and Hill Design we have developed a range of care home furniture specially designed to meet both care and interior design requirements.


Is your nursing home looking tired and out of date? Why not take advantage of our free design service, and introduce some new nursing home furniture into your establishment. Even just a few new pieces can brighten up the look and feel of your nursing home, and re-emphasise the professional feel of your business.


Flame retardant curtains are an important part of your care home and here at Hill & Hill Design we specialise in sourcing stunning fabrics to satisfy fire safety inspections for your care home or hospitality business.


Flame retardant furnishings help to reduce the risk of fire, and so are an indispensable element of your care home. We specialise in the manufacture and supply of flame retardant furnishings with a firm focus on style and durability.


Reminiscence furniture is rising in popularity in care homes throughout the world. Find out the science behind why reminiscence furniture can benefit Dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers in your care home. We supply a wide range of reminiscence furniture to help your residents feel at ease.


Here at Hill and Hill we’ve become renowned care home furniture suppliers through our focus on both design and functionality. We’ve worked with many large care homes throughout the country, and have developed an exceptional reputations for the quality of our service and products.


Dementia furniture has proven advantages for dementia sufferers – enhancing their environment and making it easier for sufferers to retain independence. We supply a wide range of dementia furniture from drawers to accessories, to fully equip your care home with the necessary facilities.


New furniture for your care home can not only improve the living conditions for your residents, but can also help to keep your care home profitable by making your care home more desirable to potential customers. Find out why buying furniture for your care home can be a smart investment!


Struggling to choose which of our nursing home furniture is best for your needs? Take a look at our handy guide to find out which of our pieces are best suited to the needs of your care home.